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Invest in a personal trainer for the best possible coaching experience.


We are pleased to offer a personal trainer (PT) in the AdO arena.
With a personal trainer, you get optimal follow-up adapted to your level.

In addition to being fast and versatile in the pool, our PTs are skilled at seeing where "the water is pressing" and explaining in a good way what can be done to move forward. They also know that everyone is different and take the individual as a starting point. They all have a passion for teaching swimming at all levels.
We also have an instructor who can teach AquaRun as a training method.


  • 1 session (à 50 min) - 700 kroner
  • 5 sessions (à 50 min) - 3050 kroner
  • 10 sessions (à 50 min) - 5400 kroner
  • 20 hours (a 50 min) – NOK 10,100,-
  • "Friend price" - If two people want to have a PT together, then you only pay 50% extra for number two (provided that you are at about the same level).

See the purchase conditions for PT for more information.

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Our PTs

- Markus Lie

Born and raised in Bergen. Active swimmer at international level who is fully committed to swimming. Has been swimming since he was 5 years old and is the holder of the Norwegian record for 100 meter crawl long course and short course. Holder of many Norwegian records and is Norwegian champion a number of times. Apart from this, he is involved in sports and training.

- Susann Bjørnsen

Susann is a lively and sporty girl who loves to train. She took part in the 2016 Olympics, has a bronze medal from the European Championships in 2017 and is the holder of many Norwegian records. Susann has now put her bathing suit on the shelf, and works as a nurse at Haukeland. She likes to teach what she can, and would very much like to help you reach your swimming goals.

- Katrine Jensen

Katrine is a former elite swimmer in Bergensvømmerne with roots from Åstveit swimming club. During her career as an active swimmer, she has won several NM medals in the backstroke, breaststroke and medley exercises. Now she likes to spend her free time on long runs and mountain walks, in addition to Crossfit. Katrine has been an instructor and personal trainer in Ado since the course department's inception in 2015. She has a degree in Civil Engineering and works as a project manager in a construction company.

- Elin Haugland

- Cecilie Waage Johannessen

Former top swimmer, who competed at national and international level. Bronze in short track EC 2012 and a bunch of NM medals. Enjoys sports and is now, among other things, PT in AdO in his spare time, to help those who wish to achieve their swimming goals.

- Øivind Lien

Øivind has an education from the Norwegian Sports Academy with swimming as a specialization subject. Former coach for elite swimmers in Bergen, and has also coached international championships. Also has extensive experience as a teacher in sports, physical education and swimming. Former active swimmer and captain of the national water polo team. Still active as a masters swimmer, with, among other things, a gold medal from the EC and WC. Øivind also has PT sessions and courses during the day.

- Astri Alves

Astri is the subject manager at Swim Bergen and has worked as a swimming instructor since 2010, and with baby swimming since 2012. She has also been an instructor in water aerobics since 2013. As background she has beginner instructor courses, advanced instructor courses, instructor courses for the disabled, babies and toddlers, water aerobics, "wild in water" and leadership courses for young people.

- Amalie Thorstensen NB! Away until summer 2024.

Amalie is a former active swimmer from Kristiansand. She has been on the national swimming team, participated in Nordic championships and has several NM medals. She has previous experience as an instructor for kindergarten children and immigrant women in Vågsbygd swimming club. Amalie is doing lecturer training here in Bergen, and also works as a pool host, instructor in baby and toddler swimming as well as PT here in the AdO arena.

- Erik Gidskehaug

Erik is from Bryne, but has lived in Bergen since 2017. He retired as an elite swimmer in the summer of 2020, after 8 years on the national team. During his career, Erik represented Norway in several EC and WC. Erik is a social boy who is passionate about sports, health and the good conversation.

- Lisa Skogeng

Lisa is a former competitive swimmer and currently works full-time as a fire constable in the Bergen Fire Service. She also works as a lifeguard, PT and baby and toddler instructor in AdO arena. She is an energetic lady, who is above average fond of exercise.

- Eli Anne Dvergsdal (AquaRun instructor)

Norway's best downhill runner and "Queen of Stoltzen". She is a qualified physiotherapist and partner in running, AquaRun and as a guest instructor. An active athlete at international level, and former soccer player at elite level.

- Natalie Hestdal

Gone until June 2024

- Hanna Rosvall

She is 22 years old and grew up in Ängelholm in Sweden. Has been swimming all his life and has always loved water. She is today an elite swimmer and has swum on the Swedish national team since 2016. She has several international medals from the EC and WC, and her specialty in the water is backstroke. She has good experience with all four types of swimming and likes to work with adults as well as children. Apart from her job as PT, she also works as a course instructor in AdO.

- Stacey De Rijke

Stacey has been in AdO since 2016 and works as a team leader, lifeguard, instructor and PT. She works as an instructor for baby and toddler swimming, learn to swim courses for migrants and in lifesaving. She is also a course instructor in lifesaving, safety, cleaning and service. Stacey is professionally skilled, welcoming and goal-oriented. She contributes to improving the experience of our guests by offering herself and always ensuring a good atmosphere.

- Fredrik Solberg

Fredrik is an active swimmer from Tønsberg who moved to Bergen in 2020 to compete at the elite level. He has been on the national team for 6 years and in 2022 he swam to the WC silver in the 50 free, in addition to that he has several international finals and Norwegian records. Apart from swimming, Fredrik is a social boy, he also started studying economics at HVL in 2022. After many years of a lot of training, Fredrik wants to share his experiences and tips with others who want to develop in the water.

- Karina Davidsen

Karina is from Oslo, and studies Special Education at UiB. She also has a bachelor's degree in kindergarten teacher. In the past, she has been involved in competitive swimming and since 2014 has worked as an instructor. She has experience with both kindergarten swimming, courses for the disabled, courses for immigrant women, swimming courses for adults and as of today she holds baby and toddler swimming in the AdO arena.

- Tom Andree

Tom Andree is a training-active young man aged 26 who has previously been involved in competitive swimming. He also has 5 years' experience as a swimming coach for the swimming club in Sogndal, and instructed in various swimming courses for both children, youth and adults since 2020. In addition, he has a bachelor's degree in sports, physical activity and health, as well as a master's degree in sports science from the University College Western Norway in Sogndal. Today he works as a pool host and personal trainer in the AdO arena. He would very much like to teach swimming to anyone who wants it.


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