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Invest in a personal trainer for the best possible coaching experience.


We are delighted to be able to offer personal trainers (PTs) at AdO arena. With a personal trainer you are guaranteed to get the best possible coaching for your level of fitness and technique.

Our PTs are not just great swimmers themselves, they are also fantastic at identifying specific changes that you can make to improve your technique and get better results. They know that everyone is different and are focused on what works for you rather than a "one size fits all" training program. Most of all they are passionate about sharing the joy of swimming with others.


  • 1 session (à 50 min) - 700 kroner
  • 5 sessions (à 50 min) - 3050 kroner
  • 10 sessions (à 50 min) - 5400 kroner
  • 20 sessions (à 50 min) - 9500 kroner
  • "Mates rate" - If you and a friend want to share a PT, you only pay 50% extra.
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Our PTs

Markus Lie

Markus is the first (and as yet only) Norwegian to swim a long course 100m freestyle in under 50 seconds.

Susann Bjørnsen

Susann represented Norway at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio where she set the Norwegian 100m freestyle record with a time of 55.35 seconds.

Victoria Rung

Katrine Jensen

Andrea Hestdal

Lise Sand Syversen

Elin Haugland

Cecilie Waage Johannessen

Øivind Lien

Sondre Urdal

Astri Alves

Amalie Thorstensen

Erik Gidskehaug

Sofie Reisænen

Bendik Søfteland

Eli Anne Dvergsdal

Natalie Hestdal

Hanna Rosvall


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