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Terms for Personal Trainer (PT) in AdO arena

Personlig trener på Ado Arena


You are obliged to keep your PT informed about your health, both physical and mental.
These can be health-related problems, such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, any diagnoses, restrictions, anxiety , etc.
PT has a duty of confidentiality regarding all information that comes from you.

PT for children

With PT lessons for children, you are obliged to inform the PT of any challenges that are relevant in relation to... Swimming lessons. This is especially so with regard to health - physical, mental and/or other health-related problems. - At PT classes for children, one adult can accompany (if necessary).
The adult then has the opportunity to have their own swimming session in the pool, while the child has an appointment with the trainer. If the PT session is outside normal opening hours in the AdO arena, the adult does not have the opportunity to go into the pool on their own, this is based on safety.

Terms and conditions

As a PT customer, you are responsible for being ready by the pool at your agreed time. You arrange the lesson directly with the instructor by e-mail, phone or SMS. A PT sessions lasts 50 minutes.

Class cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the class begins.
Absence from the class, lack of equipment (swimwear), late cancellation or other reason where you are responsible for the class being cancelled, you must pay for the PT class (if applicable, a doctor's note can be presented).
Times where AdO arena is responsible for the fact that it cannot be carried out as agreed, entails a replacement time. For example, illness of an instructor or incidents/operational problems for which AdO arena drift AS is responsible.
If the class is canceled due to other unforeseen events beyond AdO arena operation's control, this does not entail direct compensation.

Should your PT end, you will be assigned a new PT from the course department in the AdO arena.


  • 1 hour (a 50 min) - NOK 700,-
  • 5 hours (a 50 min) – NOK 3,050,-
  • 10 hours (a 50 min) – NOK 5,400,-
  • 20 hours (a 50 min) – NOK 10,100,-
  • "Friend price" - If two people want to have a PT together, then you only pay 50% extra for number two.
    The "Friend price" offer assumes that both participants are of approx. same level and would like to achieve the same. The NPT will make an assessment of this at the first hour.
    If the level differences are too great, the PT can reserve the right to have both at the same time (in the same class). The "Friend price" offer will then expire and the ordinary price will apply.

All PT hours/packages are prepaid at reception. We do not offer trial lessons, and already purchased/used lessons cannot be converted into PT packages afterwards.
Unused PT clips are not refunded.

We hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of the class and benefit from the training

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