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Birthday parties

Birthday + swimming? A fantastic combination!

Plan your child's birthday party at AdO arena and enjoy a great day of fun and activities for groups of all sizes!

Our birthday parties include use of all our pools and facilities and we can provide snack packs with a hotdog (made of chicken) and choice of ice cream and soda. Gluten-free hotdog bread is available. You can hire a diving instructor to take you upstairs to our dry training area and guide you through jumping and diving into our foam rubber pits and on our trampoline.

You will also be given exclusive access to our Hawaii themed birthday area; the perfect place to celebrate with cake and presents!

How do birthday parties work at AdO arena?

Children playing on inflatables in the pool at AdO arena.

Our birthday parties last about three hours.

If you choose to hire a diving instructor, your first hour will be spent jumping and bouncing around in our dry training area which provides a safe and fun environment for young and old to test our their skills. You will then proceed to the birthday area for a nice cold drink and something to eat. How you long you spend eating is up to you - if you want to get into the pool as soon as possible that's fine... you can even choose to take the water slide down to the pool rather than the stairs! It doesn't get more fun than that!

The last hour is generally spent in the pool area, swimming, diving or going for a new personal record on the water slides. You are free to stay as long as you like.

Children jumping from diving boards in the dry training area at AdO arena.

If you choose not to hire a diving instructor then the party will start in the pool area until the food is ready.

Please note: Diving instructors are not available on Fridays.

Come and join in the fun!

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