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AdO arena's Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how AdO arena collects and uses personal data.

AdO arena's privacy officer is responsible for how the organisation handles personal data. Privacy related tasks which are delegated to other members of staff are noted below, as applicable. Only tasks are delegated not responsibility which remains with the privacy officer. This privacy policy includes information you are entitled to when personal data is collected from our website (personopplysningsloven § 19) and general information about how we handle personal data (personopplysningsloven § 18 1.).

Handling of personal data on, and

The webmaster has day to day responsibility for AdO arenas handing of personal data on our websites, unless stated otherwise below. Visitors to our website may voluntarily choose to provide us with their personal data in order to make use of certain services, for example, subscribing to a newsletter. Using such services provides us with your consent for handling your personal data, unless stated otherwise.

Funbit AS develop and maintain our websites.

Personal data collected as part of the running of our websites is saved on servers maintained by Funbit and their service providers. Only AdO arena and Funbit have access to the collected data. A separate data handling agreement between AdO arena and Funbit regulates the information that they have access to and how they should handle it.

Website Analytics

AdO arena collect anonymous data about visitors to our websites. This allows us to analyse how our websites are being used in order to improve them and further develop them. For example, this data allows us to see how many visitors visit a page, how long their visit lasts, how they found our website and which web browser they are using.

Analytics only provides anonymous and aggregated data. Anonymous in this context means that we are unable to trace collected data back to a specific user. For example, IP addresses are collected, e.g., but only partially stored, e.g. 195.159.103.xx. Furthermore, these IP addresses are only ever analysed in aggregate form as a large group, rather than looking at individual addresses.

We use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on our websites. Information gathered from these tools is not shared with external companies.


Cookies are small text files which are saved on your computer when you visit a website.

Storing and handling this information is only allowed if the user has been informed and has provided their consent. The user should be notified of and consent to the information being collected, why it is being collected and how handles it (ekomloven § 2-7b).

Visit our Cookies page for a live view of the cookie data that has been stored on your machine and what it is used for.

For information about managing cookies, see

Purchasing and booking of lessons

We have a list of courses on our website as well as the possibility to purchase and book a place on each one. To register for a course, you must enter your email address, name and phone number. We use this information to see who has registered for the course and to create a list of participants we can give to the course instructor before each lesson. In situations where we need to contact a participant we may do so by email, telephone or SMS.

Contact Form

You can ask AdO arena to contact you using a contact form on our website. When you use this form we will use the information you provide in order to contact you. We have no routines for regularly deleting this information.

Email and Telephone

AdO arena use email and telephones as part of the day to day running of the facility. Members of staff use email for communication with internal and external contacts. Each member of staff is responsible for deleting emails which are no longer relevant, and to go through their inboxes once a year and delete information that is no longer required. Email accounts are deleted when a staff member's employment ends, though some relevant emails are likely to be transferred to colleagues.

Do not send us sensitive personal data by email unless your email provider encrypts messages using, for example, TLS.

Google Calender

Name, age and contact information for those who have signed up for events at AdO arena or Amalie Skram may be saved to Google Calender. This data is not deleted after the event and may be used to contact participants with practical information regarding an event.


Actor is a system we use for ticketing, access control and our Point of Sale system. Information collected in the system includes name, telephone number and email. We use information stored in the system to determine previous purchases and proof of purchases. This information may be used for marketing via email and SMS.

Access Control for Staff

We use services from Salto, Lenel and Actor for providing staff members with access to the facility. These systems store data such as name, address, email and role in order to give staff members access to the correct areas in the building to do their job. As part of this, the system logs where and when staff members have been, though at the time of writing, we do not use this data. We have no routine for regularly deleting this data.

Access Control for Guests

We use systems from Actor and Eziteq to control who has access to the facility at any time.

These systems store data such as name, address, telephone number, email and date of birth. If you have set up a direct debit (avtalegiro) then an account number, product id and KID number will also be stored. As well as providing access to the facility, this information is used to send out receipts and practical information about the product and services a guest has purchased.

This data is also used for marketing via email and SMS.

DnB Bank & Pensions

We share social security numbers in order to provide staff members and external partners with access to accounts and pensions for AdO.

Make Newsmail

This service is used very rarely in order to send out emails to customers who have previously purchased products from AdO arena (active customers).


Information regarding unpaid direct debits is transferred from Actor to Collectio who use it to collect arrears on our behalf.


All our facilities are monitored with CCTV both indoors and around the buildings. Footage is stored for 7 days before being automatically deleted. This information is used to uncover and investigate criminal activity, accidents and other incidents.

OneDrive for business

OneDrive for business is used to control access to documents. These documents contain HR data about staff members. We have an internal routine for deleting documents a year after the end of a staff member's employment.

Other documents stored on OneDrive include information about course participants.


Divegym provides a service that records the dives of guests who have paid for this service and activated it in the diving tower. Footage can then be accessed by logging in to a page with a specific ID.


Swimeye is a system that films underwater in order to alert us to potential drowning accidents. No personal information other than the footage is collected and it is automatically deleted after 7 days.


Swimtag is an armband used to register the distance, technique and speed of a swim. Users sign up on the swimtag website and provide their name, email and phone number. SwimTag is an optional service for guests and is included free of charge for guests with seasonal passes.


This system is used to manage purchases from our vending machines. It stores data such as name, email and telephone number for customers. The data is used to give free coffee to staff and guests with season tickets.

Opplysninger om ansatte

AdO arena collect and use personal employee data in order to manage salaries and HR. For example, to be able to pay out salaries, we need to store an employee's basic details, salary, timesheet, tax details and tax authority. Other data may also be collected in relation to a staff member's specific role. The legal basis for this comes from personopplysningsloven § 8, first paragraph and § 8 a), b) or f) as well as § 9 a), b) and f). The general manager and admin department are responsible for this.

Further employee data is stored in relation to our employee access control system and our IT system. This data is collected directly from the employee. Information is only shared for the purposes of facilitating salary payments and other legally required reporting. Deleting of this information is done so in accordance with the accounting and archiving law. An employee's name, role and department are considered public information and may be shared on our website.

The follow systems are used by AdO arena as part of our HR and salary system:

  • Sticos - HR system. Includes information about employee skills and attendance.
  • Planday - Logging in and out, shifts and timesheets (for use in calculating pay).
  • Afresso HR - Salary system.

Your rights

AdO arena's handling of personal information is regulated by the personopplysningsloven and associated legislation. You rights in relation to our handling of your personal information can be found in chapter's 3 and 4 (GDPR chapter 3). For your convenience we have summarised your key rights below:

Right to review

Everyone has the right to know how AdO arena is handling their personal data. We can only provide you with information about situations in which AdO arena handles your data. In such cases, please use the contact information at the bottom of this document to get in touch. If you have registered in any of our systems then you have the right to know what information is stored about you and what security measures are in place to protect your privacy provided that this information would not compromise those security measures.

You can request more detailed information than is provided in this policy.

Right to correct and delete

If AdO arena has stored incomplete or incorrect data about you which you do not have the ability to correct yourself, then you have the right to request that we correct or delete it within the limits of the personopplysningsloven and other relevant legislation. You can also request the deletion of any information that is no longer required to provide the service for which it was originally collected or in situations where you wish to withdraw your consent. We can delete information that we are provided by law to provide. For example, we cannot delete information that we are required by law to provide for accounting or auditing purposes.

If you wish to request correction or deletion of data, please use the contact details below.

AdO arena will answer any request related to your rights as set out in personopplysningsloven §§ 18, 22, 25, 27 and 28 (GDPR Articles 15, 16, 17 og 20) without any unreasonable delay and at the latest within 30 days from when we receive it unless exceptional circumstances make this impossible. In such cases AdO arena will provide a provisional response that explains why we are unable to meet the 30 day deadline and when you can expect our final response.

Contact Information

Telephone: +47 991 516 47
Postal address: Lungegårdskaien 40, 5015 Bergen

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