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AdO arena's Terms of Use

Membership Conditions

1- AdO arena's main products are subscription based memberships and single use tickets to our training facility, with or without a minimum contract term.

2- Membership begins on the day of purchase. A guideline price for membership is 476 kr per month.

3- Termination of contract required a 1 month notice period.

4- AdO arena have a set of rules for use of the facility that can be read here. There is no age limit for using AdO arena, however, children must be accompanied by adults who are required to paid for their admission.


5- Guests must always carry their personal membership armband when visiting AdO arena or Nordnes Sjøbad. This armband is used to identify you and give you access as well as acting as a key for opening and locking lockers in the changing rooms. Armbands can be collected in reception from the first day of membership.

6- Purchase of an annual or 6-months membership includes access to AdO arena, Nordnes Sjøbad and (at specified times) access to other municipal swimming pools in Bergen Kommune.

Membership armband

7- If you lose or damage your membership armband, then you must immediately report this to AdO arena via your account page. You will be charged 200 kr for a replacement and will receive an SMS when it is ready to be collected.

7.1- Your membership in AdO arena relates to you alone. You cannot transfer or lend your membership to others. If you do so, your membership may be terminated without refund.

Managing your membership

8- As a member in AdO arena you will have access to a personal account page where you can manage your membership. All changes to your account, including changing your personal details, contact details, payment card, pausing or terminating your membership, must be done be you via your account page. Notices of termination sent via email or letter or not valid. You will receive a confirmation email upon pausing or cancelling your membership.

9- Upon giving notice of termination, a one month notice period applies and your membership will end the following month.

10- You can pause your membership for one month at a time. Pauses must be registered the month before you want it to start.

11- You are responsible for keeping your personal details up to date at any given time. You have access to change them on your personal account page. AdO arena take no responsibility for inaccuracies in the details you have registered.

12- All inquiries regarding your membership should be sent to support via your personal account page.


13- As a member of AdO arena, you give permission for your payment card to be charged with the agreed fee each month. You are responsible for ensuring that your payment details are correct at any given time, including checking that your card is valid and not expired. You can change your card details on your personal account page.

14- AdO arena send out reminders via email and SMS for unpaid membership fees and send a notification upon termination of unpaid membership. If fees remain unpaid they will be sent to our debt collecting partner. Receipts for paid membership fees can be accessed on your personal account page.

Cooling off period

As a customer of AdO arena, you are entitled to a cooling off period of 14 days for purchases made on the internet in accordance with the law.

Privacy policy

You can read our privacy policy here.

AdO arena's Rights

15- AdO arena apply price adjustments set by the Bergen City Council. Notice of other price changes will be sent by email and/or SMS 30 days before they take effect.

16- AdO arena and its associated swimming and diving facilities aim to provide you with the best quality service at all times. We therefore reserve the right to close the facility as necessary in order to carry out maintenance work and repairs. We aim to maintain a full service as often as possible.

17- AdO arena reserve the right to change the terms of membership. If such as change has an impact or negative consequence for members, they will be notified before it takes effect.

18- AdO arena and its associated swimming and diving facilities host annual events for Bergen Kommune, Idrettskretsen and NSF during which we reserve the right to close all or parts of the facility to the public. Notice will be provided on our website, on social media and by email/SMS if required.


19- As a member of AdO arena you agree not to use stimuli or drugs included on Antidoping Norge's list and you agree to take doping tests upon request. Should you fail such a test, your membership will be immediately terminated.

20- AdO arena wish to promote a healthy exercise environment and we therefore have a zero-tolerance policy on drug use among our clients. We forbid our members from using drugs. Drug use is considered a breach of membership contract and gives AdO arena the right to terminate membership immediately.

AdO arena will call you into a meeting if if you are suspected of using drugs. During this meeting you will be asked to submit to a drugs test if you continue to show symptoms of drug use. If you do not agree to this, your will be considered in breach of our membership rules and AdO arena will have the right to terminate your membership.

21- You risk being reported to the police and having your membership terminated without refund if you fail a drugs test.


Please familiarise yourself with the safety rules in AdO arena and associated swimming and diving facilities. In the event of an incident, follow instructions from staff members.

Read our safety and pool rules here.

Download the safety and pool rules for Nordnes Sjøbad here: Nordnes Sjøbad - Baderegler.

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