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Aquagym - During pregnancy

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For pregnant women looking to keep active during their pregnancy. These classes will also suit those with back or pelvic pain with during or after pregnancy. The instructor will adjust the exercises to suit your situation and level.

Aerobics in water gives your body a unique workout and you'll have fun exercising with other pregnant women! Classes take place in our training pool which is heated to 33-34 degrees celsius and where we can raise and lower the floor to provide a suitable depth.

Your natural buoyancy means movement in water is less tiring for your joints. At the same time, water resistance guarantees you a good workout. The faster you move your arms and legs, the harder your workout will be. Both mum and baby will enjoy themselves..!

These classes focus especially on the back, pelvis and upper body. There are notable health reasons to workout in water when you are pregnant:

  • Increased circulation to your arms and legs
  • Reduced lower back pain.
  • Mums who are active during pregnancy tend to have easier pregnancies with fewer complications, easier birth and lower rates of depression when compared to those who are not active.
  • Exercising in water helps improve stability, stamina, flexibility and reduces tension.

Classes last for 45 minutes. Each class starts with a warm up, then strength and cardio exercises and then stretching and winding down at the end. Our focus is a fun and enjoyable workout.

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