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Posted to News July 9, 2020

Queue during hectic periods.

Due to corona restrictions


Dear guests
Due to corona restrictions, there can be a queue to enter the AdO arena during hectic periods.
The reception staff will then give you a colored numbered queue note. The staff will call you based on this when it's your turn, or your family's turn.
We have a large capacity and there will rarely be a long queue. Should that happen, you will be asked if you want to wait or come back another day.
The pools have chlorine water that kills both bacteria and viruses, but we must make sure that there are not too many people on their way in and out of the facility at the same time. Therefore, there is limited capacity.
Unfortunately it is not possible to pre-book tickets and we do not have admission at certain times. Just come and you will enter continuously.
We regret that there is some limited capacity now and the discomfort it causes for the guests.

TIP - Nordnes Sjøbad - open every day.
Even though it is raining outside and it is a bit cold in the air, it is fine to swim outside at the historic Nordnes Sjøbad from 1910.
The brand new technical system means that both the main pool and the children's pool always keep a minimum of 28 degrees in the water. There is rarely a queue when it rains, not even in the two communal saunas.
Feel the delicious experience of fresh air, real Bergen rain and delicious warm pool water in historical surroundings. Weekdays at 07 - 20, and weekend at 10 - 20.
We wish you and your family a really nice summer ahead, with swimming both inside and out.

Best regards us in
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