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The Fysio Pilates class is suitable for those with pain and musculoskeletal problems. Focus on light exercises to get hold of deep stabilization muscles and exercises for relaxation. A gentle workout where the stomach and back (core) take center stage, but the whole body is always active.

In this class, you systematically and gently work your way through all joints and muscles. The movements stimulate the body's internal organs, and various corresponding breathing patterns are integrated. There is fluidity in the movements, the positions are not held for a long time and unnecessary tension is avoided. Instead, the different positions are smoothly and harmoniously connected with the help of the breath.


The course includes exercises in a lying and standing position.

The exercises are performed without aids other than a chair and mat, so that they can also be done individually at home and at work when you need a break from one-sided and stressful work positions

You are welcome to swim/bath before or after the lesson.

Marita Lund-Fridell

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