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Aquagym - Intermediate to high intensity

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For anyone looking to keep in shape.

Aquagym is an aerobics class in water with music. Exercising in water is both effective and low impact. We use our training pool where we can raise and lower the floor to provide a suitable depth. The instructor will match exercises to suit you so that everyone gets as much as possible out of each session. Your natural buoyancy means movement in water is less tiring for your joints. At the same time, water resistance guarantees you a good workout. The faster you move your arms and legs, the harder your workout will be!

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Each class lasts 45 minutes.

During each class we:

  • Start with a warm up
  • Work on strength and fitness
  • End with stretching and a cool down

Our focus is enjoyable and effective exercise.



Has long experience
as an instructor. Kari has had many variations of group lessons in water and < i>on land. She also has various special courses in group training and communication / presentation.

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Annual card or clip card?

Do you have an annual/six-year pass or aquagym cutting pass (or will you buy one when you arrive)? You can order a free membership ticket.
Aquagym clip card costs NOK 1,600 for 12 times and NOK 900 for 6. Both can be bought at reception, same as annual and half-yearly cards.

Course schedule

There are no hours on public holidays or during school holidays.

Cancellation of class

Cancellation of the class must be made before 15:00 on the same day to Cancellations after this will not be refunded.

  • THURSDAY 18.10-18.55

    07. Dec.

  • MONDAY 18.10-18.55

    11. Dec.

  • THURSDAY 18.10-18.55

    14. Dec.

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