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Swimmer Markus Lie using swimtag

We are delighted to be the first centre in Scandinavia to offer SwimTag to our annual season ticket holders. A series of sensors have been positioned around the pool which help you get the most out of your swim. How far and fast you swim, as well as the length of your breaks, your stroke length and style, are registered by your SwimTag armband.

SwimTag also lets you take part in competitions and challenges, such as swimming from Øygården to Fisketorget or across the English Channel. You can compete individually or as a team and challenge other SwimTag users across the World.

During competitions you can check your progress on a map. Challenge a neighbour, family member or friend for extra motivation and see your marker on the map move towards the goal. Who will be the first to swim the English Channel or Halhjelm-Sandvikvåg at AdO arena?

We regularly announce new competitions you can take part in. You can also choose to link SwimTag to your Facebook profile.

Get involved and put on a SwimTag armband before your next swim!

For more information about SwimTag, see www.swimtag.no or Facebook Swimtag Nordic.

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