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Toddler 1

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Lessons for children from 18 months to 3 years old.

The children get more used to being in the water.

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  • Learning to recover from losing control is a priority
  • They dive for toys
  • They learn to make use of the edge of the pool
  • Exercises include floating on their back
  • As always, songs and games!

These lessons are suitable for all toddlers, there's no requirement to have already taken lessons before.

Course dates

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Lesson schedule

Start: week 2, 2024
Duration: 10 times/weeks
Price: NOK 2,200

The course does not run on public holidays, school holidays or planning days.


Monday: Natalie and Karina
Wednesday: Stacey and Lotte
Thursday: Nicky-Nneka and Lisa

  • MONDAY 17.00-17.30

    for 10 weeks starting 08. Jan.

  • WEDNESDAY 17.00-17.30

    for 10 weeks starting 10. Jan.

  • THURSDAY 16.30-17.00

    for 10 weeks starting 11. Jan.

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