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Toddler 1

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Lessons for children from 18 months to 3 years old.

The children get more used to being in the water.

Mor med baby i bassenget på Ado arena
  • Learning to recover from losing control is a priority
  • They dive for toys
  • They learn to make use of the edge of the pool
  • Exercises include floating on their back
  • As always, songs and games!

These lessons are suitable for all toddlers, there's no requirement to have already taken lessons before.

Course dates


For questions or other inquiries, send an email to

Lesson schedule

Start: week 2
Duration: 10 times
Price: 2200,-

The course does not take place on public holidays or during school holidays.


Monday: Jenny and Natalie
Wednesday: Stacey and Lotte
Thursday: Amalie and Karina

  • MONDAY 17.00-17.30

    for 10 weeks starting 09. Jan.

  • WEDNESDAY 17.00-17.30

    for 10 weeks starting 11. Jan.

  • THURSDAY 16.30-17.00

    for 10 weeks starting 12. Jan.

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