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Swimming lessons for siblings of different ages and abilities (from 3 months to 5 years old).

We divide the children into groups based on their age and ability so that they all get the most possible out of the lessons.

Gutt og jente i bassenget

Swimming as a family is a fantastic activity and teaching children to be safe in water and to learn to swim are some of the most important lessons they learn.

The instructor shows different grips and self-rescue principles on the smallest children, while the older children are given tasks according to their level and age.
NB! For safety reasons, there must be one adult per child.

Course dates


For questions or other inquiries, send an email to

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The course is reserved for siblings (NOK 1,400 per child)
2 tickets are booked at the same time.

Lesson schedule

Start: week 33
Duration: 8 times
Price: NOK 2800 (NOK 1400 per sibling).
(2 tickets booked at the same time)

The course does not take place on public holidays or during school holidays.


Tuesday: Astri and Ingrid
Wednesday: Stacey and Lotte
Thursday: Amalie and Karina

  • TUESDAY 17.30-18.00

    for 8 weeks starting 16. Aug.

  • WEDNESDAY 17.00-17.30

    for 8 weeks starting 17. Aug.

  • WEDNESDAY 17.30-18.00

    for 8 weeks starting 17. Aug.

  • THURSDAY 17.30-18.00

    for 8 weeks starting 18. Aug.

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