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Baby 1

Babysvomming ikon

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Vi tilbyr kurs for babyer fra 3 til 8 måneder som ikke har vært på babysvømming før
(vi anbefaler ikke kurset til de som er yngre enn 3 måneder).

You're baby is ready to swim! Just think, they were under water for 9 months in the womb so they'll be in their element in the pool!

Babysvømming 23

This courses focuses on getting the babies used to being in water and to make it a positive experience for them. We show the parents how they can safely and securely hold their child in the water. Babies learn to have their faces underwater but we are careful not to rush them, but to let them learn at their own speed. Learning to be safe in water is one of the most important things a child can learn.

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