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Crawl for intermediates

Crawl ikon

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These lessons take you through important exercises for a more effective and better front crawl (freestyle) technique.

The instructor will be pool side to go through and demonstrate each exercise. Turning around at the end of a length is also covered in these lessons to make your swims more fluid and effective. While other strokes will be convered, the primary focus of these lessons is front crawl (freestyle). We can't wait to see new and familiar faces!


The course consists of 8 lessons. Age limit: 16 years and over.

Course dates

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You can order a members ticket with a 750 kr discount. Note that your seasonal pass must be valid for the entire duration of the course.


At the start of the first lesson we'll give you a punch card. If you can't attend any lessons you can use this card to swim on your own.

  • THURSDAY 20.00-21.00

    for 8 weeks starting 21. Oct.

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