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Crawl for beginners

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This course is for anyone who wants to learn front crawl (freestyle)!

The aim of these lessons is get participants swimming front crawl. We start with small, simple exercises to build confidence and control which are important when you learn to swim front crawl. We then move on to building up your front crawl technique as the lessons progress.

Shape, stability and breathing are all important techniques we will work on. We have two instructors pool side to give you regular feedback, comments and demonstrations.

Kurset foregår i hovedbassenget hvor vi ikke kan stå i bunnen - så her må deltakerne være trygg i vannet, og kunne noe brystsvømming før man melder seg på dette kurset.

Course dates

Do you have an annual or half-year pass?

You can order a members ticket with a great discount. Note that your seasonal pass must be valid for the entire duration of the course.

Course plan:

Start: week 2
Duration: 10 times
Price: 2200,- / 2500,-*
* Extended ticket to NOK. NOK 2,500 includes the 10-time course with an instructor + 4 extra clips without an instructor that can be used for personal training (within our opening hours).

The course does not take place on public holidays or during school holidays


For questions or other inquiries, send an email to


Thursday: Victoria and Erik

  • THURSDAY 21.00-22.00

    for 10 weeks starting 12. Jan.

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