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Practical information

Welcome to maternity training with a physiotherapist in AdO arena

Ado arena is the main facility for swimming and diving in Norway.
In Ado arena there are 5 pools and 2 slides, and a yoga room!
The yoga room was established in spring 2021 and has a growing offer.; everything from yoga for pregnant women, maternity training to physio-pilates and gyrokinesis for the low threshold/pain group and more.

We recommend that you turn up well in advance of the start as you will need to be registered at reception. Remember the order number that you received in the confirmation email when you signed up.
You meet in the Yoga room at the start of the course. Here you go through the changing room and via the training pool, before you see the room inside on the left.
If you have your own mat that you want to use, you are welcome to bring it, if not, we have mats that can be borrowed . We recommend bringing a drinking bottle to the lesson and other necessary equipment that you need for the lesson.

If you wish, you and the baby are welcome to bathe before and/or after the lesson, at no extra cost (as long as AdO is open for normal operation).

If you have any special challenges in terms of health (e.g. epilepsy, heart defects, diabetes) it is important to inform the instructor(s) about this.

Did you know that ...
... everyone who attends a course with us gets a 20% discount on all equipment and swimwear?
The discount does not apply to food and drink, or already reduced items. This applies to everyone who attends the course.
... we have an agreement with Bergen Parkering dept. ByGarasjen?
By parking there, you can register vehicle number on an iPad at reception and get -40% on parking. Must be registered at each visit

For questions or other inquiries, please contact us at

Welcome to the course!

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