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Norway's leading centre for swimming and diving

Olympic standard is the key word to describe the arena. However, the centre isn't just built for elite swimmers but all types of guest. You can come and swim in the 50 metre pool, built to high international standards, or dive into what is often called Europe's best diving pool. You can to swim in our training pool or whizz down one of our water slides. Good times!

50 metre pool

50 metre pool

The main pool is built for a wide range of guests. It is 50 metres long, 25 metres wide and 3 metres deep and can be configured into lanes for hosting international competitions with its olympic standard starting blocks. It can also be divided into two pools; one 25x25m and the other 23x25m. It can also be divided lengthways to give five 50m lanes, five 25m lanes and five 23m lanes. This allows many different activities to takes place at the same time.

A quarter of the pool has an adjustable floor which can be raised or lowered for different guests. This means that the depth can be reduced from 3m to, say, 1.3m for schools. Who knows, maybe one day it will be raised all the way up to allow a water-concert! The possibilities are endless and everyone is welcome!

Diving pool

diving pool and tower

The diving pool is 25 metres wide, 20 metres long and a whopping 5m deep over its whole area. The diving tower is made up of 10m, 7.5m, 5m, 3m and 1m levels. There are also four 3m high and four 1m high springboards.

The diving tower is built to the highest international standards. It has already witnessed many gracious dives and many guests overcoming their fears and jumping from the 10m board. The pool is equipped with air cannons which allow our diving instructors to activate masses of bubbles in the pool that soften a diver's landing if they hit the water at an awkward angle.

Training pool

training pool

The training pool is 16.7x12.5 metres. At 33.5°C (91°F), this pool is perfect for beginners, baby swimming and of course for those who want a relaxing swim that's good for the joints. It has a wheelchair ramp which allows disabled guests easy access to the pool. The entire pool has an adjustable floor which can allows the depth to be varied from between 80cm to 160cm.

Slides and other facilities


We have two exciting waterslides for those guests with a need for speed. One little and one large. The smaller of the two is 26 metres long, the other a massive 68 metres!

We also have a children's pool for guests with small children that is 12x6.5m. It has a sloped floor that gives a maximum depth of 90cm.

There's also a relaxing hot pool next to the diving tower. It can hold four-five guests and is kept at a luxurious 37°C (99°F). There is also a sauna in each changing room.

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