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Yoga on Stand up paddleboards (SUP)

Sup brett ikon

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A great workout for everyone - even complete SUP beginners!

The AdO arena team is delighted to be able to offer yoga and core strength training on SUP boards. It provides such a great way to workout your core.

The water responds to your every move, challenging your stability in a completely unique way, which let's you train all those little muscles we don't use in our regular, day-to-day lives.

Kurs i yoga på SUP-brett i AdO arena

Standing on SUP board means constantly adjusting your balance, working out much more than just your core. You'll also exercise your wrists, ankles and hips. The instructor will match exercises to suit your level so you'll get as much as possible out of each session.

The water is constantly in motion, bringing your focus always back to the "here and now". Treat yourself to this course; both your body and mind will thank you!

Wear swimwear or gymwear that can get wet.

Course dates

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There are no lessons on public holidays or during school holidays.

  • TUESDAY 20.00-21.00

    for 8 weeks starting 19. Oct.

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